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typedef int vbi3_pgno

Teletext or Closed Caption page number. For Teletext pages this is a bcd number in range 0x100 ... 0x8FF. Page numbers containing digits 0xA to 0xF are reserved for various system purposes, these pages are not intended for display.

Closed Caption page numbers between 1 ... 8 correspond to the four Caption and Text channels:
1Caption 1"Primary synchronous caption service [English]"
2Caption 2"Special non-synchronous data that is intended to augment information carried in the program"
3Caption 3"Secondary synchronous caption service, usually second language [Spanish, French]"
4Caption 4"Special non-synchronous data similar to Caption 2"
5Text 1"First text service, data usually not program related"
6Text 2"Second text service, additional data usually not program related [ITV data]"
7Text 3"Additional text channel"
8Text 4"Additional text channel"

Definition at line 194 of file bcd.h.

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